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2014 Brain Bee at MSU Winners

This year’s winners include our first place winner Chunhua Ni, a junior from Troy High School, our second place winner Abhijit Das, a senior from Okemos High School, and our third place winner Scott MacGuidwin, a junior from Okemos High School.  As first place winner of the Brain Bee, Chunhua received The Mind’s Machine, an undergraduate neuroscience textbook coauthored by MSU’s Barnett Rosenberg Professor of Neuroscience Marc Breedlove, an all-expense paid trip to Baltimore to compete in the National Brain Bee championship March 14-15, with a chance to move on to the International Brain Bee championship Aug 7 – 11, and a fellowship to MSU if he declares a Neuroscience major.  The second and third place winners were awarded $200 and $100 cash prizes, respectively. 

Twenty-seven students from around Michigan gathered on campus to compete in the 2014 Brain Bee at MSU this past Saturday. This free event is open to all high school students that reside in Michigan. The competition tests neuroscience knowledge, and the winner has to make it through a multiple choice written exam, followed by two oral question-and-answer rounds. To prepare for the Brain Bee at MSU, students study from Brain Facts and, freely available through the Society for Neuroscience. 
Leading up to this event, a series of workshops give students a chance to participate in hands-on laboratory experiences.  Workshops this year offered competitors the chance to dissect sheep brains, build a neural circuit, and conduct experiments to teach students about chemical and electrical signaling in the brain.   The students showed great enthusiasm for the workshops; each was filled to capacity and had a waitlist of participants.