How to Use

Brain Bee at MSU will draw upon content featured on the website. Below is a detailed description of which areas on the site will be covered during the Brain Bee at MSU competition.

First go to


screenshot from homepage


Now, let's pretend that we are about to study the Movement material. Find "Movement" under the "Thinking, Sensing, & Behaving" tab. NOTE: The helpful hints suggested here will apply to every chapter in Brain Facts.


Find the Movement content


On the Movement page, you will want to choose "Article" from the "Types" dropdown box. 

Choose Articles


From here, you will need to eliminate some articles. If you hover over the title of the article, your browser should tell you the link URL (the image is from Google Chrome. If you cannot get a full URL, click on the link). Any link that contains "ask the experts," "meet the researcher," "funding for discovery," or takes you away from the site will NOT be a part of the competition. 


Eliminate articles


Good luck studying!