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The Brain Bee at Michigan State University

Dive into Neuroscience

Have you ever wondered what makes you who you are? Why there is a blind spot in your vision? Why spinning around makes you dizzy? If so, you may have a growing interest in the field of neuroscience and have the chance to participate in the Brain Bee at MSU!

This competition enables students to learn about the brain and career opportunities in the neurosciences.

What is the Brain Bee?

The Brain Bee at MSU is a live Q and A competition that tests the neuroscience knowledge of high school students. Young men and women compete to determine who is the "best brain" on such topics as intelligence, memory, emotions, sensations, movement, stress, aging, sleep, addiction, Alzheimer's, and stroke. Participants can study this material by using Brain Facts.org and Brain Facts (PDF).

All participants will receive a certificate of completion, a great addition to college applications!

The winner of the Brain Bee at MSU competition will receive $700 toward the cost of the trip for the student and a guardian to attend the National Brain Bee Competition. Second and third place winners will be awarded a cash prize of $200 and $100, respectively.

How to Register

Interested high school students should complete the registration form on our website. 

Participation is free for all interested students. The main goal of the Brain Bee is to allow all interested students to be exposed to the field of neuroscience and the opportunity to compete for a chance to win a spot at the US National Brain Bee.

Contact us at brainbeemsu@gmail.com with any further questions and follow us on Facebook!